Student Services

Beard & Mustache $2
Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner $3
Color (permanent) $8
Color (temporary) $8
Dandruff Treatment $5
Eyebrow Arch $3
Facial $7
Haircut $5
Hot Oil Treatment $5
Mustache $1
Outline $3
Razor Outline $2
Razor Shave $3
Scalp Treatment $5
Specialty Cuts $5 & up
Texturizer  $10


AUB has partnered with non-profit organizations that allows  student outside of practical hours to gain practical hours by servicing the community.


* All Services Performed by Supervised Students Are FREE , The Pricing only make up for supplies
*All Services Performed by Supervised Students

*Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

*Please Contact AUB for Specific Pricing for Services