How will AUB Online School work? 


1) How can a student get hours if they are not from GA? or never went to your barber school? A virtual webcam gives us the ability to see what the student is doing during practical portions of the course. The theory is all to be done online

2) What if I’m from a different state that requires more or less hours? an affidavit will be sent to your address with the exact hours that your state is required to do

3) How do I get my license after I finished the hours? once your hours are finished you will get an affidavit from AUB indicating that you have completed the required hours of your states laws and regulations this will then make you eligible to take your state board exam in your state.

4) How will practical be learned or graded, will I be able to learn the trade online? AUB has the course of barbering highlighting the required basic knowledge and skill of haircuts, assuring student will gain full concepts of barbering preparing them for the state board exam as well.

5) What if i can already cut hair do I still need to go through the entire course? Yes, barbering is not about how well you can do a “shape up” or bald fade, taper, line up etc. its about being educated in the craft and at AUB mission is to provide you with a higher level of learning with independent study, quality, affordable, flexible, online learning & training preparing you for your future profession.

6) Is this online school licensed by the state board of barbering? Yes, the school was established December 2014

7) What is considered full time? To be considered full time you would need to take the course and complete 1500 within the 9 month term.

8) If I have completed my hours but not my payment plan, can I still attain my license? Unfortunate, because of the contract agreement releasing your completed hours o be qualified to take the state board test will only be after the student has completed and met all financial obligations and requirements of course.

9) What if I need help with my online course and test? There will always be an administration available to assist the student. Contact your instructor via email and he/she will set up a one on one per your needs.

10) Will I always have access to my online course? You will have unlimited access to your course per the allotted time enrolled for the 9 month period base. Please note that once the course officially ends, you will have 30 days, or one month, to post inside the course. Keep in mind your instructor will not post or respond to messages in course during the 30 day period unless you have made arrangements for an extension. After the 30 day period you will only have “view only” access for the agreed additional months.

11) Do I need a high school diploma? or equivalent to enroll in the course? No, most of our students are in high school. Please contact us , we would be happy to explain the requirements.

12) What if I want extra training after I am compete with the course? AUB will have Advance Master Classes Available.

13) Will I be in debt and owe a lot of money? No, because our mission to provide a higher level of learning with independent study, quality, affordable, flexible, online learning and training and our goal is to have you fully certified owing nothing at your completion time, leaving you debt-free.

14) Where can I view my grades?  You can check your grades by clicking on the “My Academic Records” link from your “My Home Page”. Please note your grades will only be viewable if you have completed the confidential evaluation at the end of the chapter and test taken.

15) Are textbooks included in the cost of tuition? No, the textbooks for online are not included but will be available for a discounted rate with online access.