Career Placement Services at the American University of Barbering Online


Our Goal is 100% Placement of our AUB students!  We have a dedicated Director of Career Placement who oversees both training and placement of our licensed barbers.   American University of Barbering Online ensures that graduating students receive employment information and employment training in order to fulfill their career goals;  this is an important part of the AUB experience.   AUB  students are connected with the Director of Career Services upon admission.  Career Direction is then provided throughout enrollment through monthly seminars and networking sessions at the campus site. Furthermore, AUB puts the stamp on SUPERIOR Career Services by assisting students in the following ways:

  1. Providing on-going career dialogue throughout enrollment with the Director of Career Services
  2. Connecting students with reliable resources locally, nationally and globally
  3. Preparing students through mock interviews utilizing local business owners, barbers and other students
  4. Providing networking training and networking opportunities
  5. Providing entrepreneurial training and readiness to assist in achieving future endeavors
  6. Providing additional training opportunities for utilizing the internet and social media for business success

AUB is committed to 100% Career Placement, and we will do whatever it takes to assure our students leave us 100% Career Ready!